Expert opinion on Kazakh President's state-of-the-nation address

Ten tasks set by the President of Kazakhstan in his national address are a clear plan of action, aimed to help help the country to enter the world’s top thirty developed economies by the year 2050. These priorities meet global challenges and contribute to the improvement of the well-being of the Kazakh people and the growth of the republic's potential, believes the head of the Baltic-Kazakh Association for Economic Development, Alexander Vidyakin.


"These ten bullet points, I would not call them points, they are the ten points of growth. If you follow these points and really understand where you are going, and the President, as I see from this program, presents very clearly that Kazakhstan is not just going somewhere, and it is not just making attempts to catch up with others. The Kazakh President clearly stated that Kazakhstan wants to join the 30 developed countries. And this program, these steps, which are highlighted in the program, will lead the country to this level, and allow it to be among the largest economies of the world.

Latvian publicist Maris Krautmanis agrees with Alexadner Vidyakin. According to him, ten priorities are aimed at achieving a sustainable development in Kazakhstan. The republic will be able to not only retain its leading positions in the region, but can also become one of the most developed countries in the world, Krautmanis said.


- The Kazakh President’s address to the nation once again confirms that Kazakhstan is an undoubted leader in the Central Asian region in many spheres - both in culture and economy. This country also has a good legal system and an effective tax system, which is very attractive for investors. The President's address also confirms that there is a very good planning in the economy of Kazakhstan with a good sense of the word. The market economy needs to be planned, and it is necessary to see areas in the direction of which it is worth moving forward.