Expert opinions on State-Of-The-Nation Address

One of the ten goals outlined in the Kazakh President’s state-of-the-nation address is to introduce modern technologies in all industries of the economy. According to Aleksey Pilko, director of the Eurasian Communication Center, digitalization of the economy will eliminate corruption. Quality management will be the key factor. Innovations will allow Kazakhstan to build a highly efficient economy of the 21st century and let the republic accelerate its growth rates.


- Today, with the help of virtual reality technologies, it is possible to manage a metallurgical or an automobile plant. The block chain shouldn’t be confused with crypto-currencies, the crypto-currencies is just one of derivatives of the block chain. It allows managing production processes effectively. This applies to banking, agriculture and many other industries.

The President's current address is related to the earlier adopted programs for the country’s further development. Its main goal is to maximize opportunities of industrial growth in Kazakhstan. According to foreign experts, the importance of the address lies in the fact that the President outlined not only the goals, but also provided the solutions. Historian Petro Bilan believes that Kazakhstan is a good example for many other states.


 - A popular theme in Ukraine is fighting against corruption. People just say that we are fighting while the Address of the President of Kazakhstan clearly stated the rule of law and the struggle against corruption. I would say that it is a European approach for Kazakhstan. The time when the Ukrainian political elite will have to go to Kazakhstan and learn from the country, how to build the state, how to protect property and how to achieve the rule of law is not far away.