Experts comment on State-Of-The-Nation Address

The 22nd address of the Kazakh President is closely connected with the latest trends in the world economy. It is manufacturing high technologies and development of human capital where the main competition is taking place between the leading countries. According to Chief Economist of Eurasian Development Bank Yaroslav Lissovolik, the topics outlined by President Nursultan Nazarbayev will let Kazakhstan join the world’s top 30 most developed economies.


 - All the economic studies of recent decades suggest that it is the development of human capital that is key to economic growth. It determines the pace of economic growth in the long term. The direction of development of cities outlined by the President seems to me extremely important. It is at the forefront of both economic research and the economic policies of the leading countries.

Reboot of the financial sector is one of the important tasks set by the President in the Address to the people of Kazakhstan. Bank owners should bear economic responsibility recognizing losses. The state is the guarantor of observance of ordinary citizens’ interests. Director General of the Venture Center, Nigel Davis, has read the President's address. The British expert highlighted the fact that Kazakhstan will stimulate demand for new technologies and develop venture financing.


 - I think it’s a good idea that he wanted to focus on new technologies particularly in healthcare. It is going to be very important in the future for healthcare to develop new technologies and new ways for working business models. This part of what we are doing with inventions is going to enable us to bring more products to market faster. UK is very much focused on new technologies.