Experts comment on State-of-the-nation address

Kazakh President's recent address outlines the national goals set to improve the well-being of the nation and accelerate the economic growth in Kazakhstan. In the latest state-of-the-nation address, President Nazarbayev talks about the need to improve of the banking sector, optimize the financial system, promote small and medium-sized businesses and fight corruption. According to economist Rakhman Alshanov, the implementation of the outlined tasks will help the young republic to achieve higher economic growth rates and to sustain them.


 - The outlined priorities are balanced and this is an important feature of this address because these priorities are described wisely, this is the key to success.  We have already tested this several times, they gave their results and Kazakhstan achieved almost 4% growth last year. Russia showed 1.8%, the world economy - even less. Therefore, Kazakhstan's economy grew in these conditions. This demonstrates that the strategy has been effective, the pursued economic policy gives tangible results.

Nursultan Nazarbayev noted in his address that all modernization processes are based on human capital and the main task of the state is to develop and invest in human capital. Political scientist Olzhas Berkinbaev believes that this policy will largely depend on improvements in public healthcare and education system.


 - In the Address, the President announced the important targets related to the political, economic and social progress. He talked about the importance of the national deelopment programs like "100 steps" and "Modernization of Public Consciousness". Particular attention is paid to the wages of teachers, civil servants and healthcare workers. Obviously, this will make a significant contribution to the development of our country, where special attention is paid to human capital.