Opinion of experts on the Address of the President of Kazakhstan

In his address "New Opportunities for Development in the Context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution," the head of state highlighted that the world enters an era of profound and rapid changes, specifically, technological, economic and social progress. The goals are set to help Kazakhstan join the world’s top 30 developed economies in accordance with the develop strategy Kazakhstan 2050. The republic will continue to industrialize, but it should become more innovative. It needs to modernize and digitize its domestic enterprises. The country needs to develop its own ecosystem of developers around innovation centers. A factor of success will be the demand for technology in the real sector and the work of the private market of venture financing.


 - The most important area and our future is the digital age. This is the latest technology, the technology development and process engineering. In general, the address reflects the essence of the fourth industrial revolution. The head of state outlined a strategic plan for its implementation. Digitalization concerns all industries and branches, specifically, economy and the agro-industrial complex. All this needs to be developed.

According to famous historian, Kundyzai Yerimbetova, Kazakhstan must be able to keep up with changes happening in the world. Rapid technological, economic and social changes will lead to changes in Kazakhstan. As President Nazarbayev noted in his address, Kazakhstan has everything necessary to become one of the most developed countries.


 - In the ten goals, the President highlighted the development of infrastructure and smart systems. These areas need to be strengthened and we need to make great changes here. Today, we need to reflect not only on the technoligca and digital progress, but also on human capital and its social status.