Opinion of experts on the Address of the President of Kazakhstan

Opinion of experts on the Address of the President of Kazakhstan

According to experts, each of the ten points identified in the new address by President Nazarbayev is aimed at ensuring dynamic economic development in Kazakhstan. The experts believe there needs to be a new index of economic growth for Kazakhstan, which can become an alternative to traditional GDP. The new index will be able to accurately demonstrate the development of the society and the state as a whole.


 - Kazakhstan, like the rest of the world, has a universally recognized methodology of assessing the wellbeing of the country. The technique is called the gross domestic product. Today, not only Kazakhstan, but also the whole world has a gap between the growth of the gross domestic product and the development of the households. There is a gap between statistics and the social well-being of people. It seems to me that in order to achieve such major goals, we have to pay attention to things in the country, and develop a special, perhaps autonomous model of the index of development of society and the state.

In addition, the address talks about the special role of the agro-industrial complex. Economists agree with the Kazakh president's vision that smart technologies will create conditions for accelerated development of agriculture.


 - One of the most important priority areas of development in the address as well as the national development plan Kazakhstan 2050 strategy is development of the agro-industrial complex.  44% of the population lives in rural areas which is a large territory of our republic. The development of livestock and crop production primarily requires introduction of new technologies in the agro-industrial complex.