Parliamentary elections to facilitate development of multi-party democracy, Nurlan Nigmatulin says

The upcoming parliamentary elections will contribute to public dialogue, partnership and give impetus to further development of multi-party democracy in the country, opined Chairperson of the Mazhilis of the Kazakh Parliament Nurlan Nigmatulin. He noted that over the years of Kazakhstan’s independence, Kazakh citizens have always demonstrated high political culture during both parliamentary and presidential elections. The speaker also highlighted that until the start of the next parliamentary convocation, the current composition of the Mazhilis will continue to form the legislative basis for promoting Kazakhstan.

“Parliamentary elections are a very important political step for our country and people. It is an opportunity for all political parties to prove themselves, to introduce their programs to our citizens and to receive a mandate of public trust and confidence in the competitive struggle. We hope that the upcoming elections will give a new impetus to the strengthening of democracy, social cooperation and the state’s development,” said Nurlan Nigmatulin.