Senate establishes Club of Young Experts

Rapid adaptation to present-day realities and the use of non-standard approaches in addressing state and social problems - experts with such qualities were gathered in the Senate. The Upper House of the Kazakh Parliament established a Club of Young Experts to use the potential of creative professionals in lawmaking, which in general will help to further modernize the state. The Club includes more than 30 experts in the fields of public administration, economics, finance, judicial and legal reform, education, healthcare and digital transformation. Young minds will now seek new solutions to socio-political, economic and social issues.

“I believe that the club established under the Senate of the Kazakh Parliament is very good. A lot of young professionals will now be involved in the process of passing and debating the law. In my view, open dialogue is the main objective. Experts will be able to calculate everything when adopting the law, taking into account the opinions of other young experts,” said member of Club of Young Experts Olzhas Tuleuov.