EAEU PMs to meet in Yerevan

Prime Ministers of the Eurasian Economic Union member states will hold a meeting in the capital of Armenia on October 9. The Eurasian Intergovernmental Council plans to discuss measures of fighting coronavirus consequences. Iya Malkina, an Assistant to Chairperson of the Eurasian Economic Commission, noted that situation with food security in the EAEU countries remains stable despite the infection spread. Over the past eight months of this year alone, the volume of agricultural products in the Union increased by 4.6 percent. It is expected that by 2021 the EAEU will be able to provide for itself with almost all food products by 97 percent.

“A key theme will be sanitary and epidemiological situation as well as issues of resumption of passenger traffic in the Union. This issue is serious, all countries and citizens are waiting for concrete decisions. We expect that all parties will manage to agree on a list of conditions for the safe resumption of traffic,” said Iya Malkina, Assistant to EEC Chairperson.


Photo: en.kabar.kg