Kazakh military medical special forces return from Lebanon

Kazakh military medical special forces return from Lebanon

Kazakh military doctors returned from Lebanon to Kazakhstan. A solemn greeting ceremony was organized at the airport in Nur-Sultan upon their arrival, Kazakh Defense Ministry’s press office reported. Kazakh specialists provided medical aid to the Lebanese in Beirut, Bouar, Sayda and Machghara.

“Throughout this period, our medical workers have carried out their tasks with distinction and have received only positive evaluations, including from their foreign counterparts. I sincerely congratulate you on completing your tasks. I wish you good health, family well-being and success in your work,” Kazakh Deputy Defense Minister and Major General Ruslan Shpekbayev said in his welcome address. 

Kazakh military doctors received 635 patients in more than two weeks in Lebanon and operated on 73 of them. Victims of different ages turned to them for help. A 90-year-old male with a displaced fracture of the left femur was one of them. The surgery was carried out successfully through the efforts of both parties.

In addition to medical support, Kazakhstan sent humanitarian aid containing medicines to Lebanon. It was forwarded to the military hospital in Beirut.

“The Lebanese people are incredibly grateful. When we were leaving, they expressed their deep gratitude to us, the Republic of Kazakhstan and our President. The locals always greeted us warmly. We gained good experience working in the military hospital and municipal hospitals,” said Askar Marufov, Deputy Chief for scientific and surgical work in the Main Military Clinical Hospital of Kazakh Defense Ministry, leading surgeon, Colonel of the Medical Service.

Kazakh military doctors said that in the course of their work, they actively exchanged valuable experiences with their Lebanese counterparts. At a meeting with Chief of the Main Military Medical Directorate of the Lebanese Armed Forces, General George Youssef, and Chief of the Military Hospital, General Abudahir Nassim, the participants discussed further cooperation on knowledge sharing and development of military medicine in the two countries. The Lebanese side in particular expressed deep gratitude to Kazakh doctors for their prompt support.


Photo: ainews.kz