Kazakhstan and Israel plan to develop cooperation in healthcare and medical production

Kazakhstan and Israel plan to develop cooperation in healthcare and medical production
According to the press service of Kazakh Foreign Ministry, at a meeting of Kazakh Ambassador to Israel Satybaldy Burshakov and co-founder of a famous pharmaceutical company Shay Herskovich, they discussed an issue of launching the production of reusable antiviral and antibacterial masks based on a unique Israeli technology in Kazakhstan.
“The reusable antiviral masks are produced with a built-in particle filtration system. SonoMask is coated with nano zinc oxide particles, which kill bacteria, fungi and viruses, which could help stop the spread of the coronavirus,” the ministry reported.
As part of joint efforts to prevent the spread of coronavirus, Kazakh diplomats met with the head of another Israeli pharmaceutical company Snir Zano. The parties discussed the prospects for the possible opening of stationary laboratories for COVID-19 testing in Kazakhstan.
“The renowned company specializes in medical technologies that diagnose and treat patients with cancer and infectious diseases. Together with the Israeli Ministry of Health and Defense, the company has built six COVID-19 testing laboratories with the capacity of 12,000 tests per day,” the press service of Kazakh Foreign Ministry said.
Other Israeli medical companies are also interested in expanding partnerships with Kazakh colleagues. During a visit to another pharmaceutical plant, a Chairperson Amir Levin expressed interest in establishing close cooperation with Kazakhstan both in terms of possible supplies of medicines already known throughout the world, and in creating a joint production for the manufacture of a completely new line of medicines.
Photo: 24.kz