Doctors from Kazakhstan help patients in Lebanon

Doctors from Kazakhstan help patients in Lebanon
Military doctors from Kazakhstan are helping victims in Lebanon. Doctors provide assistance to patients in hospitals in the cities of Beirut, Bouar, Machghara and Sayda, the press service of Kazakh Defense Ministry reported.
Kazakh military doctors have received hundreds of Lebanese citizens since the first days of work. They operate in military and municipal hospitals with medical workers from Lebanon. Kazakh doctors are involved in the treatment of injuries that require the help of surgeons, traumatologists and therapists. They also actively participate in the work of the intensive care and anesthesiology departments, in carrying out surgical interventions, including high-tech services such as endoprosthetics. Among the patients there are those who suffered in the blast wave as a result of the detonation of ammonium nitrate. The military doctors also organized the work of a medical center for receiving and providing care to outpatients.
“I am from South Lebanon, living in Beirut. At this difficult time for us, I would like to express my gratitude to the leadership of Kazakhstan and military doctors for helping my people and children. Welcome to Lebanon!” said one of the patients Fadi Ehriya.
The ministry reported that the work of Kazakh doctors was organized with observance of strict sanitary and hygienic rules, taking into account epidemiological situation in the country.