Kazakhstan and China should develop cooperation in healthcare and tourism, Chinese ambassador says

Kazakhstan and China should develop cooperation in healthcare and tourism, Chinese ambassador says

The world economy is gradually starting to recover. Production chains work again, enterprises intensely increase the volume of manufactured goods. Former Chinese Ambassador to Kazakhstan Yao Peisheng said that cooperation of the two countries in the fight against coronavirus is highly appreciated. The diplomat noted the healthcare sector as the prospective sector for cooperation along with the restoration of economic contacts between Kazakhstan and China.

“Kazakhstan helped China at the very beginning of the epidemic by returning our students free of charge and providing humanitarian assistance. Subsequently, we helped Kazakhstan. Such mutual assistance is a concrete demonstration of strategic partnership. Experts said that the coronavirus outbreak may happen again, so cooperation in healthcare seems to be promising. There are a lot of areas, for example, joint research and development of medicines. We also can produce medical equipment,” said the former Chinese Ambassador to Kazakhstan Yao Peisheng.

He considers the development of tourist cooperation, particularly, between the capitals, Nur-Sultan and Beijing, promising in terms of the revival of business activity. The main cities of the two countries became twinned back in 2006. The cultural interaction has developed since then. The capital of China took an active part in the world exhibition EXPO-2017. Direct air flights are open. The diplomat said that after the end of the pandemic, the two capitals could also be connected by the railway, which would give a new impetus to the global tourism industry and would attract more travelers from many countries. Everyone knows that the Great Silk Road and all the countries in its path still attract fans of history.

“I would suggest launching a direct passenger train. It would attract more tourists. I think that Nur-Sultan could become a wonderful tourist city. The authorities of your capital plan to attract three million tourists in the next five years. I think many of them could arrive from China, which is geographically close,” said Yao Peisheng.



Photo:  platon.asia