Kazakh Senate adopts amendments to electoral laws and laws on political parties

Kazakh Senate adopts amendments to electoral laws and laws on political parties

Kazakhstan significantly simplifies the process of creating and registering political parties. Amendments to the Constitutional Law on Elections in Kazakhstan and Law on Political Parties were adopted today at a plenary session of the Senate (the Upper House of the Kazakh Parliament). The amendments provide for the introduction of a quota in the electoral lists for women and youth under 29 years of at least 30 percent as well as a reduction in the registration barrier for creating the political parties.

The Constitutional Law on Elections now has a requirement for mandatory quotas for women and youth in party lists submitted by political parties for registration. The new rules proposed as part of the international experience will provide an opportunity to involve women and youth more actively in the country’s social and political processes,” said Kazakh Vice Minister of Justice Natalia Pan.

Now, 20,000 participants are enough to register a political party instead of previous 40,000.

“The rules adopted today at the initiative of the President are important in the country’s political life. Requirements are significantly simplified for creating and registering the political parties. Women and youth were given additional opportunities to take an active part in the social and political life of the country. Such amendments should be considered as concrete steps towards democratization. The adopted laws will contribute to the further strengthening of the multiparty system,” said Chairman of the Senate of the Kazakh Parliament Maulen Ashimbayev.


Photo: almaty.tv