Kazakhstan and Israel strengthen cooperation in healthcare

Kazakhstan and Israel strengthen cooperation in healthcare
Kazakhstan and Israel activate cooperation in healthcare. Local experts attend qualification development trainings in leading medical centers of Jerusalem, while Israeli doctors conduct dozens of master classes based on medical centers of the country every year. Both parties also discuss developments via teleconferences and Internet. This is particularly relevant because of the pandemic. Israeli doctors spoke about new treatments for COVID-19 at one of the remote conversations. They said that medical protocols have changed a lot over the month and a half. A search for effective medicines is currently underway. With the development of new medicines, doctors are using existing ones. However, everything is very ambiguous here as well.
Comparative results of using antimalarial medicines which we gave to everyone were published. We are not confident that this helps anyone. Therefore, their efficacy is uncertain. There are already comparative studies that do not really change the picture. No reduction in mortality and duration of treatment,” said leading Israeli specialist for infectious diseases Yevgeny Katzman.
Kazakh doctors were interested in various aspects of treatment. The experience of some experts may be useful to others.
In terms of medicine, we keep on studying with the whole world, because it is impossible to draw precise conclusions in the short run. One treatment regimens were started in March or even in February, and they change and improve every day,” commented Yuri Rankov, the head of international department in Tel-Aviv First Medical Center.