Mazhilis approves parliamentary opposition and administrative procedure code

Mazhilis approves parliamentary opposition and administrative procedure code

Today the members of the Mazhilis, the Lower House of the Kazakh Parliament, approved the legislative amendments to the Constitutional Law ‘On the Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the status of its members’. The members of the Mazhilis formally introduced the ‘parliamentary opposition’ concept. It will include the political parties, which are represented in the Mazhilis, but not included in the parliamentary majority.

This bill was developed at the instruction of the President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev at a meeting of the National Public Council on the legislative consolidation of the institute of the parliamentary opposition. Taking advantage of this instruction, the Ak Zhol Democratic Party updated the previously prepared draft law on the parliamentary opposition in accordance with the modern requirements,” said member of the Mazhilis Azat Peruashev.

The parliamentary opposition has legal security. Its representatives have the right to initiate parliamentary hearings on topical issues of the state and society functioning. They can determine the agenda and introduce alternative draft laws.

Such a novelty as the guarantee by the law to leaders or representatives of the opposition parties of the right to speak at joint sessions of the two Houses of the Parliament, plenary sessions of the Mazhilis, meetings of the committees or working groups in the parliamentary hearings, as well as on all other events within the parliamentary precincts, deserves a special attention” Peruashev added.

The Mazhilis Speaker Nurlan Nigmatulin says that it is an important step towards the democratization. The legislative consolidation of the very concept of the parliamentary opposition opens a fundamentally new page in the history of the Kazakh parliamentary system. In the future, the law will be adjusted to the interests of the citizens and the entire Kazakh society.

This bill started a significant and necessary process to form the institution of the parliamentary opposition. Of course, we will be developing it in accordance to the experience of the foreign countries. We must also take into account the specifics of the Kazakh practice of the state and party construction. In the future, the legislation and its implementation will be improved both in the interests of the Kazakh citizens and society as a whole,” Nigmatulin said.

Mazhilis also approved the draft of the Administrative Procedure Code of Kazakhstan. Previously, when discussing the Code, members of the Mazhilis have already made significant amendments that improved the provisions to the draft law. It was supplemented with a new article containing the tasks of administrative procedures and administrative courts proceedings. The members of the Mazhilis say that it will help to justly, impartially, and timely resolve the administrative cases.

The main goal of the draft Code is to secure guarantees that will allow the Kazakh citizens to participate in the process of making management decisions and establishing effective mechanisms for protecting citizens’ rights when considering disputes with the authorities of the superior body and court. President of Kazakhstan Kassym-Jomart Tokayev emphasized the need to introduce administrative justice as a special mechanism for resolving disputes in the legal public sphere. The adoption of the Code is an important step towards strengthening the rights of the Kazakh citizens in relations with the public authorities, as well as the development of the administrative law in Kazakhstan,” said member of the Mazhilis Arman Kozhakhmetov.