Kazakh women and youth to be actively involved in politics

Kazakh women and youth to be actively involved in politics
Party electoral lists will now have a mandatory 30 percent quota for women and youth who will now hold elective office more often. Mazhilis (lower house) of Kazakh Parliament approved today bills on the active involvement of these social groups in the political processes of Kazakhstan.
Mazhilis Chairperson Nurlan Nigmatulin believes that the new rules on the electoral law in Kazakhstan as well as the law on political parties will not only stimulate the active involvement of women and youth into politics but will also give a new impetus to the modernization of the country's political system.

Society and our working group have been discussing this issue for a long time. Firstly, a mandatory quota for youth exists in the party electoral lists in many countries. Secondly, people trust them. Of course, they have little life experience, but a lot of interesting, modern ideas and solutions,” said Nurlan Nigmatulin at a plenary session of the Lower House of Kazakh Parliament.

Kazakh Justice Minister Marat Beketayev said that these rules would allow to actively involve women and youth into social and political processes of Kazakhstan.

As President said, we have to contribute to the involvement of youth into the Parliament and local representative bodies. Legislative amendments in this part will create an opportunity for young people to generate constructive ideas for solving social problems,” commented Minister Beketayev.

Marat Beketayev emphasized that majority of countries take comprehensive measures to guarantee equal access for women and youth to the electoral process. Party gender quotas are actively used in European countries such as Germany, Norway, France and Belgium.
​Photo: altyn-orda.kz