UN Teams Up with Chinese tech giant to Hold Global Online Conversations for the UN75 Campaign

UN Teams Up with Chinese tech giant to Hold Global Online Conversations for the UN75 Campaign

To mark its 75th anniversary this year, the United Nations has launched the UN75 global dialogue initiative engaging people around the world for their vision of the future and how to achieve it. The organization stimulates a global conversation on the global challenges, including climate change and COVID-19 pandemic, which require cooperation across borders, sectors and generations. 

Special adviser to the Secretary-General on the preparations for the commemoration of the United Nations’ 75th Anniversary Fabrizio Hochschild said that this year the humanity has faced the unprecedented global challenge, which is the COVID-19 pandemic. The main concern now is to fight for the health of people. However, this tough situation will also have tremendous economic and social consequences. The United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has launched the UN75 initiative to collect millions of opinions and together come up with the answers to the questions that concern humanity, including on what our future will look like and how to strengthen the international cooperation. Hochschild has invited everyone to join the UN75 campaign that will become that largest global conversation platform in the world to jointly shape the new world after defeating the dangerous virus.

The UN and the Chinese tech giant have announced a global partnership to support the UN75 Initiative, in which the Chinese company will provide videoconferencing and digital dialogue platforms to reach millions of people across the globe, according to a press release from the UN. The views and ideas generated during the online discussions will be presented to world leaders during the 75th Session of the UN General Assembly in September.


Photo:  news.myseldon.com