The U.S. And NATO Will Withdraw Their Troops From Afghanistan

An agreement signed between the United States and Taliban has been named as historical. This is an important event to start a peaceful process in Afghanistan. Analysts highlighted that agreements were reached after 19 years of the confrontation. The agreement states that the U.S. and NATO will withdraw their troops from the country in 14 months. The agreement also states that negotiations between Taliban and other forces in Afghanistan will begin the next week on March 10th. The parties will discuss a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire.

“The biggest security challenge in the region and, specifically in Afghanistan, is the operation of terrorist groups, their affiliates and organized crime groups. The other one is the brain drain and the capital outflow towards abroad. The best way to solve all these challenges, especially in Afghanistan, is to end the cycle of violence and conflicts and give the people of Afghanistan the chance to form a stable, working and robust government that will have all the tools at the disposal to solve these issues”, said International Relations Expert, Dimosthenis Dimopoulos.

The important thing to note is that Afghanistan has had about seven democratic elections since the beginning of the operation and during freedom. That is very important, because it shows that the Afghan people are committed and want to establish democratic institutions and democratic culture in their country.

Afghanistan is an integral part of Central Asia in economic terms, as a trade hub, transit hub. Therefore, if the situation there doesn’t normalize, the neighboring states in the areas as a whole will not have security, prosperity or stability.

It is possible to achieve good results by considering Afghanistan not as a threat, but as a prospective partner with undiscovered potentials. Experts admitted that this message is quite effective. For this reason, Kazakhstan implements the educational program for Afghan students and takes part in construction of the socially important facilities. Uzbekistan exports electricity to Afghanistan, while Turkmenistan exports gas. Direct flights and train service are well established from these countries.