Office оf Hague Conference Opens In AIFC

A regional office of the Hague Conference is opened in Nur Sultan. Based at the Astana International Financial Center, the office will ensure the development of a legal system in Central Asia, taking into account world standards and increasing the effectiveness of protecting the rights and interests of citizens. The office will be responsible for implementing international obligations in the region as well as to conduct joint research and lectures on private international law. Today, 82 countries and the EU, including 30 most developed countries in OECD are participants of the international convention. Kazakhstan has been a member of the convention since 2017.

“It’s the first antenna of its kind worldwide to further disseminate the message of the HCCH - Hague conference on private national law across Central Asia and hopefully beyond. (It’s important because) we can count on the very strong support of Kazakhstan. We certainly look forward to seeing Uzbekistan becoming a member of the HCCH, (I am very optimistic that this will happen in a very short future. And then I also hope, (of course, to have the other three remaining states, Tajikistan, which I visited already, Turkmenistan, which I visited already, and I look forward also maybe then to going to) Kyrgyzstan,” said the Secretary-General, Hague Conference on Private International, Christophe Bernasconi