Zhusan and Rusafa Operations Presented in European Parliament

595 citizens of Kazakhstan were repatriated to their home country from the war zones in the Middle East, based on the discussion at the conference in the European Parliament. The participants of the conference praised Kazakhstan’s experience in conducting Zhusan and Rusafa humanitarian operations.

“We consider this as a small step; this is only five percent out of 100. The task is not just to return the citizens, but it is also necessary to train them and to help them start a new life,” said Ambassador-At-Large of Kazakh Foreign Ministry, Stanislav Vassilenko.

Most of the European Union countries have their own approach to humanitarian issues. However, Europeans are not very active in repatriating their citizens, except for children.

“In France, we have the same problem with women who left for Syria, and most of them have become widows with children. The position of France is to repatriate the children first, and then consider each adult individually. Islam in France is often radical; however, in your country it is more often moderate. I believe that the policy of peaceful coexistence of various religions in Kazakhstan proclaimed by Nursultan Nazarbayev also contributes to this reintegration,” said Member of European Parliament, Thierry Mariani.

The conference participants were interested in the children’s and women’s adaptation, as well as the de-radicalization process of the militants, and they also asked about the process of collecting evidence of their guilt and participation in crimes. At the end of the conference, the participants agreed that Kazakhstan should share its positive experience with other countries that are experiencing the same issue.

Photо: elorda.info