Iran – the U.S. War is Unlikely to Happen

The increasing conflict between the United States and Iran has worried the world community. Leaders of many countries have called for emergency meetings and expressed their views on the escalating tensions. Experts hoped that a major conflict between the countries can be avoided.

“If today Washington recognized the death of at least one American soldier or one American citizen in the attack caused by Iran, a casus belli or an act that provokes or justifies war would have been given. In other words, it is an Iran-American war with the most unpredictable consequences. It is logical that America do not want to take such step as well as Iran,” said Expert of Valdai International Discussion Club, Farkhad Ibragimov.

European Union also has called on America and Iran to have a dialogue. Representatives of the European Commission held an emergency meeting on the situation in Iran. President of the organization, Ursula von der Layen called on United States and Iran to immediately stop the usage of weapons.

“The use of weapons must be stopped immediately to give space for the dialogue. We strive to do everything possible to continue negotiations. This whole situation has potential consequences for the European Union in areas such as transport, energy, migration as well as economic development,” said President of European Commission, Ursula Von Der Leyen.

The conflict between the countries has affected the global oil prices. West Texas Intermediate crude oil exceeded the US$65 per barrel in the morning, which Brent crude oil reached the US$70 level.