Kazakhstan in the Global Perspective: Results of 2019

In 2019, Kazakhstan has once again proved its position as a respectable and a full-fledged participant in world politics. The evidence is seen by the country’s initiatives and large-scale projects. The country continues to implement the course set by the First President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev even after the snap presidential elections.

“He is leaving a great legacy, a very powerful and a good leadership promoting peace and stability and sustainable development in his country and also in the region. He was definitely one of the great global leaders. I have had a very close relationship with him during my tenure as a secretary general of the United Nations, I have met him many times, visited Kazakhstan and he has been my great interlocutor,” said Former Secretary-General of United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon.

“The message in private and public from the Kazakhstan government has been one of consistency and continuity in policy making and economic policy and the policy in terms of developing trade investment relationship. The continuity point, I think, is extremely important,” said Michael Gifford, British Ambassador to Kazakhstan.

Kazakhstan has also confirmed its effectiveness as a large international dialogue platform this year. Three rounds of negotiations on the resolution of Syrian conflict were organized in Nur-Sultan city.

This year, Kazakhstan has conducted an unprecedented humanitarian operation, Zhusan. As part of the operation, more than 600 people have been repatriated from Syria, including 406 children. Kazakhstan’s experience in repatriation and reintegration of its citizens who returned from conflict zones in the Middle East is highly praised throughout the world.

“Program that you have the operation is very interesting for other countries. Most Western European countries do not bring back their citizens and you are doing completely opposite which I found interesting. You seem to have a very good rehabilitation program, big generosity. This is something I’d like to write about to maybe also give ideas to the Western European countries. To bring them home is probably the best thing to do,” said Swedish journalist, Gunilla Von Hall.

Kazakhstan plans to continue to be an active member of many international organizations. The country is ready to promote and support initiatives aimed at ensuring regional and global security.

Photо: elitar.kz