Astana Club is Largest Discussion Platform of Geopolitical Topics

Participant of the Fifth Meeting of Astana Club, Former Belgian Prime Minister Yves Leterme said that the big Eurasia is a continent of great opportunities for economic growth. He highlighted that this year’s discussion topic on the dialogue platform is quite relevant. It is very important not to miss the moment since economic restructuring allows countries to increase competitiveness at the world level.

The politician highlighted that it is necessary to carry out reforms aimed at supporting contributions to human capital, employment as well as development of social welfare.

Leterme also said that Kazakhstan is the bright example of the breakthrough at the Eurasian space. This has been evidenced by the social and economic development in the country and the GDP growth.

“When you look at recent development in Kazakhstan more precisely, you see high economic growth, you see people gaining more income. Of course, things still can be improved. I think it is fair to say that Kazakhstan is catching up with middle and high income countries and in a couple of decades, I think, should be part of the head peloton in the social economic development worldwide. To cater for good security policies is very important challenge within countries, but also in the region. Trying to adapt the economy to the new challenges and trying to be less dependent of natural resources.Number two is to have strong security policies,” said Belgian Former Prime Minister, Yves Leterme.