Astana Club: Format of the Global Dialogue

Astana Club: Format of The Global DialogueGlobal dialogue is an effective form to solve the advanced challenges which are not becoming less, only changing rapidly over time.

During the two-day Fifth Meeting of the Astana Club, politicians, economists and analysts held discussions on the future prospects for development of countries, geopolitics, economic trends and risks.

In an interview to Kazakh TV, Director of Stockholm International Peace Research Institute, Dan Smith, said that the problem of modern international relations is misunderstanding and a crisis of trust between countries. These problems can be resolved only by effective dialogue platforms. The expert emphasized that Kazakhstan has a practical experience of holding effective dialogues.

“So if you think about the Middle East, but also if you think about the challenges that advanced technology poses, or if you think about change and environmental problem, these issues do not respect national borders and there’s no individual state not even the great powers, not even the EU, China and Russia, who can resolve these problems even for themselves by themselves. So the only to handle these big problems is to cooperate,” Smith said.