Trends of Human Development Discussed at Astana Club Meeting

Open dialogue and global cooperation are the real ways to avoid economic, political and military confrontations. This was discussed at the fifth annual meeting of Astana Club.

The top 10 risks for Eurasia in 2020 were presented as part of the forum. The main risk areas are terrorist threats, accumulation of weapons, climate change, trade wars and the struggle for dominance in the field of new technologies. Experts highlighted the issue of destruction of trust in the world.

“Security related competition because of distrust, but also because of objective factors is intensifying. The United States and China relationship is an excellent example of that, and that is why it is highlighted in this report. We read an inflection point, because many of the presumptions that we had made about how and through what mechanisms to mitigate security competition and differences of political system and ideology approved not to be affected in the US-China case. The working theory of the case with the economic integration would mitigate security competition and obvious differences of political system and ideology,” said Vice President of Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Evan Feigenbaum,

During the second day of the meeting, participants of the dialogue platform will discuss new cooperation mechanisms in Central Asia.

“I am very grateful to Kazakhstan for organizing such a high level forum. I was also impressed with the event last year. At this year’s event, we will discuss about the general perspectives of Central Asia. This is the fifth meeting this year. The event shows the stability of this format. We need such conferences in Central Asia,” said , Kyrgyz Former Prime Minister, Djoomart Otorbayev.

The discussions will continue on the most relevant trends in the development of Eurasian states at the event tomorrow. World experts emphasized that the trend for the center of global growth is the move into the space of Greater Eurasia.