Nur-Sultan to Host Astana Club Meeting

New approaches of global cooperation will be discussed by experts from 30 countries in Nur-Sultan. The fifth annual meeting of authoritative platform will be held from November 11th to 12th. The participants will discuss about the themes on global order, economy development as well as unfolding global technology race.

In addition, discussions on issues of nuclear disarmament and prospects of creation of a new format of partnership between European countries are also planned to be discussed. During the meeting, the presentation of results of international research, the Top 10 risks for the region in 2020 will be held as well.

“Over 50 people representing 30 countries including laureate of the Nobel Prize, nearly ten former heads of governments, current foreign ministers, directors of think tanks, in particular, the Carnegie Foundation, large Chinese and Russian centers as well as current politicians such as Mr. Fradkov who is the former Head of Russian Intelligence Service and now Head of Committee of the State Duma. A number of European politicians who represent all key countries of Europe are also expected to take part in the forum. All of the participants are interested in the construction of the cooperation between all countries of Eurasia,” said Director of IWEP under Foundation of First President of Kazakhstan, Yerzhan Saltybayev.