Kazakh-Korean Forum On Denuclearization was held in Seoul

The Kazakh-Korean Forum dedicated to Denuclearization of the Korean peninsula was co-organized by the Foundation of the First President of Kazakhstan and the Korean Foundation.

At the meeting, experts discussed about nuclear disarmament, including factors that hinder negotiations on ‘nuclear freeze’ with the Korean Peninsula.

According to the Deputy Acting Director of Foundation of First President of Kazakhstan, Igor Rogov, the problem will not be solved by imposing sanctions. In some cases, they are effective but they don’t solve the point of the problem. Therefore, confidence-building measures are needed, he believes.

“Kazakh and Korean experts should discuss and analyze this issue. It would be good to include the interested parties such as North Korea and China,” said Kazakh Ambassador to South Korea, Bakhyt Dyusenbayev.

Photo: presidentfoundation.kz