Nur-Sultan Hosted Extended Meeting of Political Council of Nur Otan Party

Nur-Sultan Hosted Extended Meeting of Political Council of Nur Otan Party

The First President of Kazakhstan, Chairperson of Nur Otan Party, Nursultan Nazarbayev has set a task to ensure that party’s work over the years of independence should become a pillar and a foundation for new achievements in completely new political conditions.

The First President made the announcement during an extended meeting of Nur Otan.

Nursultan Nazarbayev highlighted that for the country’s overall success, strong leaders and a strong party who can sensitively respond to the needs of society is needed.

The First President proposed to organize a special meeting between the Government and the representatives of the Nur Otan party in the Mazhilis to discuss the remaining issues. In his opinion, the cabinet ministers will benefit from the meeting.

The Nur Otan party is faced with the task to maintain the consistency and continuity of the strategic course as well as meeting the requirements of time.

“People see the result of our work. We did all this work during the years of Independence. We adopted laws and practical actions. However, everything changes and political parties around the world face new challenges. The international experience shows that a period of instability for moving forward requires unity both within the leading political force and in society. It is impossible to achieve big goals without this. In the new political conditions, the role of the party is growing significantly,” said Nazarbayev.