80 Countries Joined Kazakhstan’s Anti-Terrorism Initiative

Representatives of the UN member countries highly regard Kazakhstan’s initiatives aimed to address global challenges and threats, and its commitment to fight international terrorism. 

80 countries have already signed the Code of Conduct to Achieve a World Free of Terrorism proposed by Kazakhstan. The established international coalition against terrorism is expanding.

Recently, the antiterrorism code was signed by the countries in the Caribbean, including Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines.

“Really this is very important issue to all members of UN. And this curse of terrorism is threaten to us, threaten in our present and our future, and our upcoming generations. It is a threat which is not confined to what part of the world, or what nation. It is a threat which is cross-border, which is transnational, affecting everyone. And there is cognizance that this global cannot be addressed but by global action, global collective action. No country can address this threaten or this challenge individually. It has to be a collective effort, and really here comes the importance of spiting rise by the mission of Kazakhstan and UN of Counter-Terrorist. And order to really put views together, exchange views, lessons learnt, and Kazakhstan has an important share at this lesson learnt,” said Permanent Representative of Egypt to UN, Mohamed Idris.

Photo: kazgazeta.kz