UN Highly Evaluates Kazakhstan’s Initiatives

UN Highly Evaluates Kazakhstan’s Initiatives

The United Nations (UN) highly speaks of Kazakhstan’s peacekeeping activities, the successful conduct of the Zhusan Operation.

More than 100 representatives of 50 states and international organizations at the UN retreat discussed mechanisms to effectively combat terrorism at the national, regional and global levels.

Participants watched a video message from Kazakh women who returned from Syria. One of them is 25-year-old, Aida Sarina.

She expressed sincere gratitude to the government of Kazakhstan for an opportunity to live in the homeland and said that she is ready to fight against terrorism.

The documentary film about the Zhusan operation triggered a lively response from the participants of the UN member states. 

President of UN ECOSOC, Inga Rhonda King congratulated Kazakhstan for the important initiative.

“I hope we will continue these discussions because we have gotten over the last 24 hours important suggestions. We need to broadcast that, we need to learn from Kazakhstan’s proactive approach to regional cooperation and partnership,” she said.

Photo: informburo.kz