Implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan

Implementation of UN Sustainable Development Goals in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has given its full support to the United Nation’s (UN) agenda on improving the quality of life as well as solving global problems. 

Assistant of the UN Secretary-General, Mirjana Spoljaric Egger said that the majority of the 17 sustainable development goals introduced by the UN are reflected in the strategy of the Republic. 

She was speaking to reporters on the sidelines of the Astana Economic Forum in Nur-Sultan, recently. 

Egger also said that the UN plans to coordinate with the Kazakh Government and the Asian Development Bank to implement the sustainable development goals in Kazakhstan. 

The goals include different aspects of the sectors such as the environment, social inclusion, gender inclusion, reducing inequalities as well as ensuring the seas and oceans are sustainable once again. 

“If we don’t tackle these issues at the same time, then we won’t have sustainable development. So we have to bring all the actors together, the financial institutions, the private sector, the government and the civil society,” Egger said. 

In Kazakhstan, work on implementation of the UN sustainable development goals has been continued since 2015. The country's national prioritized areas outlined in the strategic and program documents have been evaluated for consistency. 

According to the analysis of Institute for Economic Research under the Kazakh Ministry of National Economy, the sustainable development goals have been covered for almost 80% in Kazakhstan. 

This summer, Kazakhstan will present a national review on implementation of the sustainable development goals for the first time at a high UN forum in New York. The country will talk about achievements and the role of NGOs in implementation of these goals.