Pre-election Campaigning has Started in Kazakhstan

The pre-election campaign of presidential candidates has started in Kazakhstan.

The Central Election Commission registered seven candidates, including Nur Otan Party’s Qasym-Jomart Toqayev, Uly Dala Qyrandary Republican Movement’s Sadibek Tugel, Kazakhstan’s Federation Trade Unions’ Amangeldi Taspikhov and Ak Zhol Party’s Daniya Yespayeva.

The candidates also include Toleutai Rakhymbekov who represents the Auyl Party, Zhambyl Akhmetbekov from Communist People’s Party of Kazakhstan and Ult Taghdyry National Patriotic Movement’s candidate, Amirzhan Kossanov.

“The candidates should be able to establish a dialogue and communicate with various people because Kazakh society is diverse,” political expert, Andrei Chebotaryov said.

67 international observers have been accredited for the presidential elections this year. The observers include representatives of the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the CIS as well as the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Central Election Commission member, Zauresh Baimoldina said that it has also accredited observers from 22 organizations in the OSCE Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights in Eurasia.

“Everyone has witnesses that members of the Central Election Commission gave support to the observers offered by the Kazakh Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” she said.

The registration for observers is opened until June 3rd.

The presidential campaign will end on June 8th, one day before the presidential election. During this day, no campaign activities are allowed as it is announced as the electoral silence day. The presidential election in Kazakhstan is scheduled for June 9th