Experts Opinion on Kazakhstan’s Snap Presidential Election

Experts Opinion on Kazakhstan’s Snap Presidential Election

Kazakhstan’s snap presidential election will allow the country to continue maintaining the close social and economic cooperation with other countries.

The election, which is scheduled for June 9th, is highly discussed by foreign investors.

Chief executive officer of Vicat Group manufacturing company, Guy Sidos believes that the legitimate transfer of power in the leadership of Kazakhstan provides a guarantee of the country’s stability.

“It is very important for us to have a long-term vision of the political and economic stability in the country given that our company has invested a substantial amount of money into Kazakhstan,” he said.

Sidos’ company has invested US$300 million in Kazakhstan.

Meanwhile, Armenian political analyst Vigen Akopyan said that the stability of foreign and domestic policy in Kazakhstan will be the key focus of the country’s presidential election.

The upcoming election is also very important for Armenia, he said, due to the close cooperation the country has with Kazakhstan.

“After the election of the new president of Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kazakhstan will discover new cooperation prospects in many sectors, including political, geopolitical and primarily economic fields,” Akopyan said.

The upcoming presidential election will allow Kazakhstan to promote its progressive development to the world.

Chairman of Atameken National Chamber of Entrepreneurs, Abylai Myrzakhmetov said Kazakhstan needs certainty, which is very important for the country.

“It’s very important for us in order to continue implementing the First President’s policy of strategic development, modernization, unity, social and economic well-being as well as peace and harmony,” he said.