First Batch of Kazakh Peacekeepers will Return Home From Lebanon in April

First Batch of Kazakh Peacekeepers will Return Home From Lebanon in April

Peacekeepers from Kazakhstan will end their mission in Lebanon in April this year. They were deployed in October 2018.

The troops will be replaced by another 120 peacekeepers. Currently, the second batch of the troops is undergoing military training in Almaty. They are being trained by officers and sergeants who are experienced in peacekeeping missions.

The selection criteria for candidates include serving the Kazakh Armed Forces for five years as well as being in excellent physical and mental health.

The candidates also must be able to speak English and have skills of diplomatic negotiations.

Commander of the second peacekeeping troop, Zhiger Aipov said following the selection process the successful candidates will undergo military medical and engineering trainings.

“During the training, the fighters are also vaccinated against various specific diseases,” he said.

Meanwhile, instructor of the peacekeeping training Assylkhan Amangaliuly said certain demonstrations and provocations can take place during patrolling.

Therefore, he said the peacekeeping troops must be ready to negotiate in such situations and they should also be ready to provide first aid to civilians.

Kazakh Minister of Defense, Nurlan Yermekbayev said the peacekeeping mission is a matter of national importance as Kazakhstan is aimed at fulfilling its obligations to the global community.