Kazakhstan’s Role in International Arena

Kazakhstan’s Role in International Arena

Kazakhstan is strengthening its position in the international area as the Republic gained recognition in the world community on its peace initiatives and active economic development. The first U.S Ambassador to Kazakhstan, William Courtney highlighted the Republic’s rapid growth in a short period of time. He is impressed with the young country’s success and its extraordinary hospitality.


- We opened the American Embassy in Kazakhstan and we had no idea that Kazakhstan will be successful in a quarter of century as it has been. We think the future of Kazakhstan is bright. We look forward to continue cooperation in all areas. One thing that is particularly notable is that the U.S. and other oil companies have developed Caspian energy resources in Kazakhstan. Now Kazakhstan is one of the world’s most important oil exporters and it is most likely to continue its activities. The Tengiz project has undertaken a US$37 billion expansion.

Vice President of Mayors for Peace International Organization, Thore Vestby said Kazakhstan is seen as a successful international mediator and regional representative globally. He also said that the Republic’s initiatives are taken seriously as it received status of official documents at the United Nations. Political scientists and diplomats highly appreciate the Republic’s work in the UN Security Council.


- You have proved the fact that it is possible to live safely and to build a nation without having nuclear weapons. You are living between two big nations or even three having nuclear weapons. But you managed to do that in peace and you are a very good moderator in that aspect. Through my ‘Mayors for Peace’ work, I know the founder of it, Roman Vasilenko. I’ve been working together with them for so many years.