Kazakhstan will train UN peacekeepers

Kazakhstan will train UN peacekeepers

Peacekeepers will be trained in Kazakhstan for the UN missions. ‘The Kazakh Partnership for Peace Training Center’ has become the only organization in the region which has peacekeeping classes developed by domestic instructors. These classes have received official approval from the United Nations. The UN Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations Jean-Pierre Lacroix signed relevant agreements in New York at the UN headquarters. At the training center for peacekeepers, special attention is paid to topics of protecting civilians as well as explaining an order and characteristics of the UN peacekeeping operations. Expert of the Institute of World Economics and Politics Zhumabek Sarabekov says that such trust from the United Nations will allow Kazakhstan to contribute to strengthening international security.


- As is known, Kazakhstan’s peacekeeping forces traveled to Lebanon with 120 people at the end of October 2018. The soldiers will perform peacekeeping activities and serve in several functions there. The Kazakh troops in Lebanon will work to ensure the protection of civilians, organize observation posts and monitor the ceasefire on the border between Lebanon and Israel.

According to expert, the mission to Lebanon, the right to train peacekeepers and the presidency in the UN Security Council are important steps for Kazakhstan as a country actively participating in the strengthening of global security.