Kazakhstan has become one of the key states of Eurasia

Kazakhstan has become one of the key states of Eurasia

During the years of independence, Kazakhstan has become one of the key states of Eurasia. The country’s opinion has considerable weight in world politics. The republic is known for its initiatives and peacekeeping activities. As the chair of the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee on Somalia and Eritrea, Kazakhstan made a significant contribution to a decision to lift sanctions against Eritrea. The representatives thank Kazakhstan for such a historic decision and assistance in establishing sustainable peace in the region.


- Carried his mandate very skillfully with a lot of diplomatic skills, very constructive. We have always a good access to his office and to himself. Finally, the sanctions on Eritrea has been lifted this is a very significant outcome of the work of Kazakhstan and there is the rest of members of the Security Council.

Today, Kazakhstan is actively involved in global processes of all areas. Foreign experts and politicians highlight the merits of the republic. US Congressman Dana Rohrabacher sees great prospects on expanding cooperation with Kazakhstan.


- Kazakhstan has overcome those forces within Kazakhstan that would divide people. In Kazakhstan they’ve shown a way where people can work together. Furthermore Kazakhstan has had a great deal of nuclear waste to deal with. Kazakhstan is a center of the planet. What we need to do is work with Kazakhstan so that it becomes a communications hub and a transportation hub for the whole world. We can do that we have new technologies.

The interest of the world community in development of mutually beneficial relations with Kazakhstan is growing. The number of diplomatic missions to Kazakhstan and the opening of offices by world organizations in the republic serve as evidence.