Kazakhstan’s service in UN Security Council was discussed in London

Kazakhstan’s service in UN Security Council was discussed in London

Kazakhstan’s service in the United Nations Security Council was discussed at a meeting in London. A similar event was held two years ago. Previously, the participants discussed prospects of Kazakhstan’s membership as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council. This year, they discussed the results of Kazakhstan’s term in the UNSC. Politicians and media representatives unanimously agreed that Kazakhstan achieved all its goals as an international peacemaker and as regional representative.     


- Kazakhstan was addressing terrorism with reference to Afghanistan and drawing the international community’s interest back to Afghanistan, getting people to come back there for the first time in 10 years, 8 years I should say, and nuclear non-proliferation which I said that I thought Kazakhstan was particularly well-placed to address as it inherited the fourth biggest nuclear arsenal in the world 00:00:54:21

The event was organized by the University College London and the Open Central Asia magazine. The organizers believe that Kazakhstan is interesting as regional leader.


- We will be happy to continue monitoring Kazakhstan’s international activities not only in the United Nations Security Council, but in other international organizations as well. We will analyze, promote and assist Kazakhstan in its endeavors.

The organizers are planning to hold more similar events in the future, especially among teachers and students from famous universities in the United Kingdom, given the growing interest on Central Asia in the British academic and student communities.