The 4th meeting of the Astana Club

The 4th meeting of the Astana Club

The 4th meeting of the Astana Club, an international political discussion forum, is taking place in the capital. Prominent world politicians, Nobel laureates and geopolitical experts traditionally gather at this forum. Experts discussed global restructuring over the past 100 years. Speakers made presentations on what history can teach and how humanity should use the experience of previous generations in order not to repeat their mistakes. Furthermore, the speakers also presented a report on global geopolitical risks for the Eurasia region next year. The risks include arms race and cyber threats.


 - Power of one state is growing again and another is trying to maintain its status. This should not in any way turn into a war. Unfortunately, history shows that when the hegemon changes such conflicts often occurred. However, this is a challenge for leaders and a test for them so they learn from past mistakes and prevent heated conflicts.

Today politicians, diplomats and analysts will discuss on the continent’s security and search for a universal ideology. The main topic of this year’s meeting is the future development of a large Eurasia. Experts say that the decision is made following the global processes that take place in this strategic region.


 - Kazakhstan is located in the geographical centre of the continent. We have close ties with Central Asia, China, Russia and countries that are located on the Caspian coast. All these processes affect us - whether it is a cooling of relations between Russia and the West or trade wars between the United States and China or a growing terrorist threat in the Middle East. It all hurts us in a direct or indirect way.