Interview with Hungarian minister of foreign affairs and trade Peter Szijjarto

Interview with Hungarian minister of foreign affairs and trade Peter Szijjarto

Kazakhstan and Hungary are strategic partners. Budapest is one of Astana’s most important and reliable allies in Europe. Hungarian minister of foreign affairs and trade Peter Szijjarto talked to Kazakh TV about the current state and the major sectors of the Kazakh-Hungarian strategic cooperation.

- Kazakhstan is a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council for the second consecutive year. During this time, Kazakhstan has launched a number of initiatives. How do you evaluate Kazakhstan’s achievements on the international arena?

- You know we’ve found the election of Kazakhstan as the non-permanent member to the Security Council with the good reason. We think that you have deserved it. As Central Asia is pretty rapidly emerging region mostly thanks to the achievements and performance of Kazakhstan. So we have really valued your contribution to managing global issues and there has been a very good dialogue between us and you when it comes to issues appearing on the agenda of the Security Council.

- Kazakhstan and Hungary have a great potential for collaboration. What are the key areas of cooperation?

- I think that water management will be extremely important. You know this is an economic sector where Hungary can offer very good technologies, solutions, know-hows in order to upgrade the operation of the water systems of other countries. So our water management companies which really are recognized worldwide and have references from very far away parts of the world. And we hope that they could be involved in these projects. We are pushing for it and we are helping the Hungarian water companies on that. In order to ensure the financial background this year we have opened the four hundred twenty million euro credit line in Hungarian Exim bank which has only one goal to assist the Hungarian-Kazakh business to business cooperation.

- Last year Kazakh-Hungarian investment fund was established. What projects are being implemented as part of this partnership?

- Finally, after long negotiations, we were able to put together the agricultural investment fund which is fund of 40 million euros composed by the Hungarian Exim bank and Kazagro here in Kazakhstan. And they have already proved to be successful in investing 2 projects, both of them are in the field of agriculture of course. And both of them in the field of food processing. One of them is dealing mostly with the tomatoes and other types of vegetables, and another one with apple and other types of fruits. We are looking for the new projects but these two projects are very clear signals of fact that that was a good decision to enter to such a common fund.