International experts highly evaluate the business climate in Kazakhstan

Today Kazakhstan is one of the most attractive countries for investors in Central Asia. International experts highly evaluate the business climate in the country. Foreign entrepreneurs are attracted by a number of measures adopted by the republic, including the introduction of preferences, tax incentives and protection of interests at the state level. In his state-of-the-nation address, President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev highlighted that the Astana International Financial Center will play an important role in providing the Kazakh businesses with foreign investments. German political scientist Matthias Dornfeldt says that many countries are interested in cooperating with the Republic and support the multi-vector policy of President Nazarbayev.


 - In his address, the President highlighted that Kazakhstan is pursuing a multi-vector foreign policy. This means friendly relations not only with neighbouring countries in Central Asia but also with China. I think bilateral relations with China are very important, as Chinese goods go through Kazakhstan to Europe, for example, to Germany’s Duisburg, which also opens up great trading opportunities for Kazakhstan. The President also highlighted the importance of relations with the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, Russia, Europe, Turkey and the United States. I want to add that Kazakhstan and Germany are the most important partners. Your country is a centre of stability and it is very important for us to expand our relations with Kazakhstan.

The member countries of the European Union (EU) are one of the largest investment partners of Kazakhstan. Last year the total trade turnover reached US$30 billion, which is 25% higher comparing to the previous year. President Nazarbayev highlighted that Kazakhstan will continue to actively cooperate with the EU. Interaction with the Eurasian Economic Union, China and the Central Asian countries will remain a priority for Kazakhstan as well.


 - The ship is very solid and there is potential for even more because we know how Kazakhstan is a resource-rich country and what kind of important role you are playing in the region and I would say in certain areas like nuclear cooperation use of nuclear power for peaceful means that Kazakhstan is playing. I visited your country several times and impressed how quickly the country is developing and how your country is progressing.