Kazakhstan on International Arena

Kazakhstan on International Arena

Kazakhstan will stay on the vanguard of tackling key international challenges. Kazakh Foreign Minister Kairat Abdrakhmanov presented Kazakhstan’s position on important international challenges during the General Debate of the 73rd session of the United Nations General Assembly. According to the Kazakh foreign minister, the world faces numerous challenges and it is of utmost importance to reaffirm the shared commitments to the values of the United Nations Charter. Kairat Abdrakhmanov also reminded of Kazakh President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s Manifesto ‘The World. 21st Century’ that embodies Kazakhstan’s commitments to the promotion of peace. The Kazakh foreign minister also provided details on President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s anti-nuclear initiatives stressing the importance of establishing nuclear-weapon-free zones and strengthening cooperation between them.     


 - Looking forward, Kazakhstan has a clear vision for its future development. By 2050, we seek to become one of the top thirty most advanced economies in the world, meeting the highest global standards in terms of economic performance and transparent governance. As a new model of economic growth, President Nazarbayev in his annual address earlier this year announced ‘the New Opportunities under the Fourth Industrial Revolution’. It outlines the path for our country to achieve those ambitious goals. This new roadmap focuses on industrialization, further development of our resource potential, the use of smart technologies as a chance for a breakthrough in the development of agricultural industry, increasing the efficiency of transport and logistics infrastructure, reloading the financial sector and the strengthening of human capital as the basis of modernization. 00:02:13:06

Meanwhile, Kazakhstan’s anti-corruption model was presented at the United Nations Office in Vienna. Kazakh officials shared the country’s anti-corruption experience and strategies and also presented a business and investors’ protection project.


 - The Sustainable Development Goals address global challenges and promote good governance, the rule of law and major development opportunities. Achievement of these goals will allow us to build the world free of corruption. Therefore, many countries that pay due attention to this matter gather to exchange opinions. Kazakhstan’s participation in various international organizations and forums is yielding positive results allowing our Government to learn and also demonstrate our accomplishments in the fight against corruption.

The conference was organized by the International Anti-Corruption Academy which is set to hold their next Assembly meeting in Astana. This move demonstrates recognition of Kazakhstan’s anti-corruption achievements.  


 - The meeting reaffirmed Kazakhstan’s achievements in the fight against corruption and the success of its policy related to corruption prevention which is a complex, difficult and meticulous work. I think it is time to implement this successful experience in other countries as well. We were demonstrated impressive results at the meeting, and it’s time to share this experience and implement them in other countries.  

Members of the Kazakh Parliament discussed the global challenges of humanity in Brussels. At the Asia – Europe Meeting, parliamentarians spoke about the climate change and environmental issues. Kazakhstan’s experience in the regulation of Syrdarya River flow and preservation of the North Aral Sea set an example for many countries. Kazakhstan attracted international institutions such as the World Bank and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to jointly address these issues. 


 - Kazakhstan can share its experience in environmental protection through the example of the Aral Sea. The North Aral Sea has been restored. The fish has returned and the people are coming back. Kazakhstan can demonstrate its environmental activities aimed at improvement of people’s lives.

Kazakhstan gained worldwide recognition and authority due to the active participation in the global nuclear disarmament process. However, analysts believe that Kazakhstan is also widely known for its international peace-keeping activities. Kazakhstan is consistently gaining recognition in other sectors as well.