Kazakhstan is one of the leaders of global actions against nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation

Kazakhstan’s antinuclear initiatives are known all over the world. Kazakhstan is one of the leaders of global actions against nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation. International experts recognize that Kazakhstan is playing a significant role in these initiatives. The country is also addressing these issues at the United Nations platforms, including the UN Security Council.


 - Basically, nuclear weapons are the most destructive of all existing weapons of mass destruction in the world and most countries are not happy with the situation and want to change it for the better. As we know, President Nazarbayev, in his multiple speeches and Manifesto ‘The World. The 21st Century’ has repeatedly warned that the priority task for the mankind in the 21st century is to save the world from the threat of self-destruction, primarily from the nuclear weapons.   

Kazakhstan has been attaching great importance to nuclear disarmament and the development of international nuclear law since the very first steps of independence. Kazakhstan has undertaken a whole range of important and consistent measures since 1991. It was possible due to the landmark decisions made by Nursultan Nazarbayev, such as the closure of the world’s second largest nuclear test site and an abolition of the nuclear arsenal of the Cold War. Kazakhstan’s nuclear-free status was not random, but the well-balanced and well-thought initiative of a responsible country.


 - At the meetings, we must discuss the way public movements and public organizations can contribute to the abolition of nuclear weapons. In several months, a conference will be held in Almaty dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the ‘Nevada Semei’ movement. The event will be attended by our colleagues from the United States, Japan and other countries.

Japan is Kazakhstan's main partner in the anti-nuclear movement. Both countries are dealing with the appalling consequences of nuclear weapons. Today, two states are actively advocating the non-proliferation of the nuclear weapons.


 - I want to highlight that the world community should display gratitude to Kazakhstan for the country’s active involvement in the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons and in the establishment of peace on the earth. Thanks to the wise decision of the President of Kazakhstan, Nursultan Nazarbayev, the Semipalatinsk test site was closed and all initiatives have been realized since Kazakhstan's independence which was supported by the world community. Japan is also a country that has experienced all the horrors of nuclear weapons. Therefore, I think that all our goals and efforts should be united and we are two countries that should work to ensure a world free of nuclear weapons.

Kazakhstan is focusing on the topics of the non-proliferation of the nuclear weapons. The state is an active participant in major international peacekeeping processes. Experts say that Kazakhstan’s experience in promoting global initiatives is truly priceless.