Kazakhstan is expanding the geography of peacekeeping missions

Kazakhstan is expanding the geography of peacekeeping missions. 120 Kazakh servicemen will leave for Lebanon to carry out an important mission to prevent armed conflicts and provide humanitarian assistance together with the Indian Armed Forces. The United Nations (UN) welcomes the growing number of participants in the mission.  Kazakhstan declared a collective responsibility for solving global and regional problems at the beginning of its work in the UN Security Council. Priorities outlined in the President's Political Appeal include Kazakhstan’s intention to increase the number of its military observers and peacekeepers in the UN missions. The country has progressed consistently towards its goals.


 - As part of Kazakhstan's work in the UN Security Council, we are launching our mission of peacekeepers in Lebanon for the first time. This will be the legacy of our work in the Security Council. As you know, the contingent of Kazakh peacekeepers will take part in the joint Indian peacekeeping contingent in Lebanon. This is a historic event when Kazakhstan gets the opportunity to take an active part in peacekeeping operations in a different country.

In order to expand the geography of the service of the military contingent, the Kazakh Parliament has approved five missions of the UN in Lebanon, Cyprus, India, Pakistan and Western Sahara. At a meeting of the UN Security Council, the UN Leadership highlighted that the aligned approaches, as well as the methodical and progressive increase of Kazakhstan’s potential, allow the country to become a regional peacekeeping hub in Central Asia.


 - Now requirements for contingents are increasing in terms of equipment, training and languages. Most importantly, today the ability to work in difficult conditions and at the same time being able to respect human rights are very significant. The UN actively supports what is happening today in this area. Kazakhstan’s mission of peacekeepers is participating in a partnership with a different country and mentality for the first time.

The mission in Lebanon will allow the Kazakh armed forces to acquire combat skills in humanitarian operations and test their combat capability in order to withstand modern challenges and threats.