Kazakhstan's support in establishing gender equality and advancement of women in Afghanistan

Central Asian countries are paying special attention to strengthening the stability and security in the region, including assistance and support to Afghanistan. As a non-permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, Kazakhstan has multiple times addressed the issue of Afghanistan at the United Nations (UN) platform. One of the most important activities is Kazakhstan’s support of Afghanistan’s efforts in establishing gender equality and advancement of women. The UN representatives praised Kazakhstan’s role in the processes of Afghanistan’s peaceful development.


 - Kazakhstan has been a voice to support women in the peace process and also I see the willingness of Kazakhstan to bring Afghan women and deepen their education and I think that the most important passport for peace and stability is an education of women. So I think in that sense, Kazakhstan is participating in the stabilization process by allowing  Afghan women to come, educate themselves and come back and get a job.

International experts highlight that in recent years, gender issues in Afghanistan have significantly changed. Women represent the state bodies.  For example, a quarter of the members of the Afghan parliament are women.


 - I think when it comes to Afghanistan, they have shown their friendship and true fidelity to Afghanistan and to the cause of women and women’s empowerment. We have been so fortunate to have a good ally in the region and somebody who is really willing to stand for Afghanistan when Afghanistan really needs it.

Kazakhstan as a member of the UN Security Council initiated the trip of the UN member countries to Afghanistan for the first time in eight years. Kazakhstan regularly provides humanitarian aid by participating in various projects. These initiatives will be continued.