Caspian Summit: cooperation between border departments

Kazakhstan plans to ratify the convention on the status of the Caspian Sea in the near future. According to the officials of Kazakh Foreign Ministry, the bottom of the Caspian Sea will be differentiated by the lake principle and the surface will be demarcated by the principle of maritime law. The historic agreement was signed during the fifth Caspian Summit in Aktau. At the meeting, leaders of the five countries signed a package of intergovernmental agreements, particularly on the prevention of incidents in the Caspian Sea, protocols on security cooperation in the Caspian Sea, combating terrorism and organized crime as well as on the interaction of border departments.


- During the fifth Caspian Summit, heads of the border departments of the parties signed a protocol on cooperation between border departments in the implementation of the cooperation agreement. The protocol regulates the organization of the cooperation and interaction of the competent authority at central and regional levels. The cooperation is conducted primarily in a form of exchange of information on detainees in courts, citizens who violate state borders as well as on individuals and legal entities that engage in illegal activities.