Experts view on Caspian Convention

The convention on Caspian Sea’s legal status, signed by the five Caspian states, is being actively discussed by British experts. The London Post editor-in-chief, Shahid Qureshi said security matters regarding the sea will be taken to another level due to the important document. The expert supported the countries’ decision to ban armed forces of non-member countries of the region from being present in the Caspian Sea. The British journalist also noted the timeliness and great importance of the international document.


 - You need to be very careful about the security of those resources of gas. I am talking about the military security of your resources, because you need to protect yourself, because that’s what really matters. For example, in Uzbekistan we find the story that their estimated resources worth about US$1.5 trillion, and similarly in Afghanistan and in Pakistan so these regions are very rich and the dynamics is changing.

The United Nations Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres has welcomed the signing of the Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea. He congratulated the signatories on the landmark achievement, which supported the multilateral cooperation among the five countries that signed the strategic document. These countries include Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Iran, Russia and Turkmenistan.  The Secretary-General noted that the event ‘hailed the document as a demonstration of the importance of regional cooperation, vital for maintaining international peace and security.’ He also expressed confidence that the Convention will make an invaluable contribution in regulating a wide range of issues among the Caspian states.