New page in cooperation of Caspian countries was opened at Summit in Aktau

New page in cooperation of Caspian countries was opened at Summit in Aktau

The Convention on the Legal Status of the Caspian Sea opens a new page in the cooperation of littoral countries. The historical agreement adopted in Aktau has created political and economic prospects in the use of resources of the common reservoir, Azerbaijani experts said. In addition, the agreement will allow resolving a number of other important issues in a coordinated manner.


- This situation, when diplomats say ‘win-win,’ it means all have won. An important element is the use not only of the transport and communication element, but also possible prospects for energy projects, including pipelines and gas pipelines. All this is covered in the document adopted in Kazakhstan.

Furthermore, the participating countries will aim at harmonizing the issues arising from the Convention. It includes the final definition of national industries. The next step is that the countries can agree on the promising energy and transport projects as well as ensuring environmental and military security.


- The signed agreement creates opportunities for strengthening relations between our countries. Trends that exist today between the Caspian littoral states will be developed, including pipeline projects, the increase of cargo transportation as well as stability. President of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazarbayev highlighted that the Caspian Sea has become a sea of trust and peace.

Experts said that the accepted agreements are a real testimony that the Caspian littoral states are ready for further cooperation. The agreement covers all areas such as economy, politics and military. Most importantly, the winning situation is a concrete step for further productive stage.