Euronews: convention signed in Aktau is a document that reflects all aspects of the Caspian Sea’s operation

The fifth Caspian Summit in Aktau is one of the most discussed events in Kazakhstan and worldwide. The large-scale event attracted the attention of leading foreign mass media, such as Reuters, which is one of the world’s largest news agencies. Based on news reports, the summit was quoted as ‘an unprecedented milestone’ in the development of relations among the Caspian countries. The report also highlighted the importance of the convention on the Caspian Sea’s legal status that was adopted at the Caspian Summit.

China’s Xinhua News Agency reported that six agreements in the fields of economy, transport and security were signed at the summit in Aktau to establish the Caspian Sea’s legal status. The article quoted that ‘on the basis of agreement on economic cooperation in the Caspian Sea, priority will be given to building up regional trade and economic ties and deepening close and mutually beneficial cooperation’.

European news service Euronews hailed the convention signed in Aktau as a historical document that reflects all aspects of the Caspian Sea’s operation. The news service also reported that the countries implementing large-scale projects on the Caspian Sea should ensure environmental protection.